Humor: Adventures in Cat Land – Part 2

Have you ever tried to train a cat?  Impossible?  Maybe, but we seemed to have succeedKody relaxing in the chair in a couple of areas.   My wife (Truthoughts) and I have a problem child for a cat.  His name is Kody.  Here you see him sitting so innocently in the big chair.  He is so cuddly and adorable and loves sleeping on our laps.  But, don’t let him fool you.  He terrorizes our other cat Kiera (black and white, tuxedo cat on the side bar – Flickr pics).  Fortunately not all of the time, but every once in a while, he corners her and a passionate cat fight ensues.

We are the kind of parents who will not tolerate this kind of behavior, so we punish him by scolding him and placing him in the Pet Taxi (cat carrier) for a time out.   Sometimes he just gets too close to her and they start hissing at each other.   Often Kiera will get so spooked that she will head up stairs for safety under the guest bed.

Kody serving a \However, her turning and running just excites Kody all the more and a mad dash ensues with hissing and panting and claws ripping through the carpet that only cat owners know the sound of.

Whenever he does this, I catch him and place him in solitary confinement in what I explain to Kody as “CAGE!”.  I repeatedly scold him with the word “CAGE” – “CAGE, KODY, CAGE”.  Then I lock him in for his, what-has-become-a, routine timeout.

Here is the part that just cracks my wife and I up.  We have administered this punishment with Kody for so long now that all I have to do is yell, “CAGE” and Kody now knows what this means, so he will walk over and put himself in the cage.  It makes it hard to punish him when he’s being so cute, protesting with apologies the entire way.   

Now, for the ultimate in funny.  The other day, Kody walked over to his daughter Molly (who is now old enough to go into heat) and started to bite her neck and stand on top of her (don’t worry, we got him fixed, so there will be no more babies for this stud).  We never said a word to him, because we understand in the animal kingdom, incest, doesn’t seem to be a social oddity like it is with humans.  However, he must have felt guilty about it or something, because without any prompting on our part at all, he got off of her and walked over and put himself in the cage, protesting the whole way.  It sort of makes you wonder… “what was he thinking?”  I’m not sure, but it certainly gave us a good laugh! 

For another hilarious story on training cats, see this post of mine:

You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Cat…or Can You?  

Thanks for coming by, be sure to read the comments for the experiences of other readers.


7 Responses

  1. I don’t know how he did it, but my friend had trained his cat to do a couple tricks. Of course, my friend was the most patient man in the world, so that helped.

  2. I’m loving your cat stories! It appears Kody has learned his lesson, although in that first picture, he looks like he thinks he is king of the castle! 😀

  3. @Joe: Do you remember which tricks he got his cat to do? Yes, I do believe he would have needed to be a very patient person. I haven’t taught them tricks…. yet! My training has been more along the behavioral lines. I would have loved to meet you friend!

    @Daisy: Thanks so much for loving our cat stories. Kody does think he’s king of the castle. lol

  4. Hey, bud.
    I loved this. I have 5 cats. They can all do the same trick: ignore me until they’re hungry then purr non stop until I feed them.

  5. Cats are funny when they are not owned by you (You means other than me)..that is my point of view. I find them very selfish but so fun to be with.

    Kody seem to be one fine cat….

  6. Hi,

    I love your cats’ stories. Very good website.

  7. Hey, great story. Why didn’t I think of “the cage” when our Tuxie was still with us? Fluffy (I know, not a very original name, but hey, it fits cause she is, that is, fluffy) our 1 year old kitten loved to terrorize Tuxie and of course Tuxie had always been the queen so she didn’t take very kindly to this new intruder into her space.
    Fluffy loves to race upstairs sometimes using the steps but sometimes she just goes up the hand rail which results in her leaving claw marks all of the way up! Sometimes she slides down the railing. She has incredible balance. The other day she jumped from the top of the hutch to a window ledge that is only 4″ wide and about 8′ up. I had to get a picture of that. She certainly is entertaining!

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