Cell Phone Secrets Revealed…er, um Buried!

Now you really can take your secrets to the grave!

iPhone.jpg image by iPhone Lovers

According the this article, Bury Me With My Cell Phone it is a growing trend to be buried with your cell phone (also known to many as an iPhone) or other electronic gadget.

“It seems that everyone under 40 who dies takes their cell phone with them,” says Noelle Potvin, family service counselor for Hollywood Forever, a funeral home and cemetery in Hollywood, Calif. “It’s a trend with BlackBerrys, too. We even had one guy who was buried with his Game Boy.”

Well, I guess that’s one way of making sure that the data on your Blackberry or iPhone goes to the grave with you.  That’s the first thing I thought of when I read this article.  Especially for people who have sensitive data on their phones.

So, instead of the McCain-Palin campaign mishap of selling a Blackberry for $20 that had peronal information and emails still inside, that Blackberry could have gone to the grave with that person (or simply been erased, but where’s the fun in that?)

According to the “Bury Me With My Cell Phone” article, appearently some people’s family members are so used to the electronic gadget being with the deceased person, that it just doesn’t seem right for them to be without it.

“I’ve even heard of cases where people are being buried with their iPod. Or one guy who was prepared for his viewing with his Bluetooth (headset) in his ear.”

It’s kind of ironic given that fact that someone so attached to their cell phone, that they have to be buried with it, may be in the grave as a result of their cell phone use, as this article seems to suggest: Cell Phone=Brain Cancer?

Maybe some people just  want to make sure that they are connected in the afterlife in the land of unlimited Twitter followers and StumbleUpon friend connections.

What about you?  How connected are you to your electronic equipment?  According to a recent aritlce, a study, conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Intel, found that 46 percent of women and 30 percent of men would prefer to do without sex for 2 weeks than to not be connected to the internet for two weeks.

So, what do you think about this new trend?  Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section!


8 Responses

  1. I love my iPhone, but I cannot get comfortable with the thought of being buried with it!

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  3. Funny post! I will have to say that that would probably be me. 😉 I love my iPhone!!!

  4. The last time there was a power outage I felt lost and disoriented without my internet connection. Sure, I had my cell phone and my laptop, but my ties to the ‘net were severed. I felt like a junkie desperately looking for a fix but no dealers could be found.

    It was at that moment that I realized that I was sick, and that perhaps something should be done. But two hours later the power was back on, the sweet embrace of the internet was back, and I reveled joyfully in my illness…

  5. This is a silly trend. I love tech gadgets, but I ain’t taking ’em with me. LOL. I came into this world with nothin’ on, and when I leave… well, I do want clothing on me. But I’ll will my iPhone, iPod, and Macs to my family.

  6. @David & @iamkyle: Thanks for your comments!

    The jury is still out on this emerging trend! Many have commented privately to me whether they would would be buried with their cell phone or not.

    @Herman Turnip: You are hillarious. Great imagery!

    @Shayne Packer: Yes, I think the clothes on, is probably a good choice. lol

  7. Cool post. Someone being buried with a cell phone is just a waste of a phone. When I was young I had “invented” in my mind a radio that had a solar panel above ground so I could listen to the radio I loved radio so much. Well the radio might of played but I doubt I’d be hearing much at that point 🙂
    Appreciate your friendship

  8. @John Sullivan Thanks for stopping by. I think your “idea/invention” would probably sell. There are some people out there that think it would actually give them some sort of comfort in the afterlife. Hmm… I don’t think so, but to each his own. I appreciate your friendship as well.

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