You know the economy is bad when…

This is so funny… my wife Alison “Truthoughts” has a friend from Jr.High/Highschool, on Facebook, that has a great sense of humor.  He posted this hilarious pic on his Facebook account.  You can find Bryan Turner on Facebook by clicking his name.

recession effects


8 Responses

  1. You’ll know it’s really bad when people start pasting “Miller Lite” signs on their bottles

  2. @Davis: Yeah, that would be pretty bad. LOL!!

  3. LOL@Bryan

    So what about PBR then? 😉

  4. @Paul Mackenzie Ross: PBR? Now, that’s funny! (Especially because I was born in a suburb of Milwaukee)

    @Happiness is Better: Thanks!

  5. I think we will find people turning to drink when they have problems, at least until the money runs out.

  6. Tony, you’re probably right, unless of course, they happen to live in Oregon where the beer tax could go up 1900% – Holy Cow, that would make a $2.16 beer cost 5.14!!!!

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