About Me

Here I will give you the Reader’s Digest version of myself.  If you would really like to get ot know me, I would encourage you to head over to my more serious blog and read and see pictures by clicking here –> My Story.

I have a beautiful wife (of five years, ( May 10, 2008 ) whose quirks are what made me fall in love with her. Her beauty shines in a room long before she enters because her spirit is larger than life. You may know her as “Truthoughts” We have had 5 miscarraiges, so our kids are our cats.

I am a very outgoing person and tend to be the life of the party. Humor is a very important part of my life, because if you can’t have fun, then why are you doing it?

I am constantly looking for ways to improve my life and the lives of those around me.

My wife and I both eagerly await the rapture of the church when those who believe are called home for the marriage supper of the Lamb of God and His Bride.


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  2. So sorry to hear about the miscarriages. I know that’s a heart- breaker; we had one 30+ years ago. I’ve never cried so hard over anything in my life. (And I’m a guy.)

    But, you’re finding humor in life. Sounds to me like your head is screwed on straight. I hope to be blogging on this site soon; I’m waiting for e-mail confirmation. My website won’t be as fancy as yours; I’m a complete technophobe.

    Well, best to your wife and your cats. I love cats, but we have two dogs and that’s enough for now.

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing me your site! It really spices up my day!

    (got u from Blogcatalogue)

  4. Hey – being a cat person makes you so LIKEABLE :). My wife and I have 3 feline babies, too… and looking forward to our first human one in April.

    One question for you, though:
    What will you do when the rapture DOESN’T come? Be born again atheists ;)?

    Congratulations for the love you and your wife share. Having another person truly love you is what makes life great. Looking forward to some interesting discussions (maybe on Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion” ;)?)

  5. Hey,

    We are working on a green project with sprinklers we should talk about your project see if there s a fit. etc.


  6. […] Bradley is letting his thoughts outside his brain for all the world to see. And what a great lot of thoughts he has! Bradley combines his many life experiences and lessons learned to bring you some very powerful thoughts and observations that will help you to live life to the fullest. […]

  7. Hello Bradley,

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    You can email me back if you have any questions or suggestions.


  8. Love a lot of your material., especially your values and current major project. Thanks for the kind twitter.
    (BTW Downunder we were taught that if you spelt occasional with two s’s………. you were an ass! )
    Can’t help it, but admit its a bit pedantic.

  9. @jimbeasley: Glad you like the material. Thanks for pointing the out. That’s an easy way to remember the correct spelling of “occasional”. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. How ‘green’ and ‘simple’ are you?
    I startted heating my house by chopping my own wood ’bout 5 years ago…we’ve begun a few more things like that…and love it. always interested in learning more ideas.

  11. Bradley,

    My wife sent me the NYT article on you. Take a look at our website and let me know if you are intersted in learning more about ECAP or any of our clean tech companies.


    Bill Gildea

  12. Hi There!
    I just read your Pillsbury Doughboy Story. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing your blog. I am new to blogging; I recently started my own blog. I am writing my memoirs for my children. I thought keeping a blog and posting once a week would keep me accountable in writing at least one story per week. And I am finding I love it more and more everyday.

    I see you like cats. My family owns five cats. We have had ten at one time.

    Your wife is beautiful. I am sorry to hear about the miscarriages.

    Thank you for the humor. Life is wonderful and a blessing!!!


  13. Teresa,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such kind words before you left. I hope your writing is coming along. Thank you for complimenting my wife. I hope you have a blessed day!


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