Video: The Baby Kittens Have Arrived

This is a video montage of our newly arrived baby kittens.  They are absolutely adorable.  Enjoy!

If you haven’t been following this story, you can catch up by reading about the stray cat, now affectionately known as Mieshka, who showed up on our door step… pregnant, by clicking here:  Mieshka’s Story.  We had no idea that she was carrying baby kittens when we took her in.  What a surprise.

The video montage of the baby kittens is set to the tune of “My Funny Valentine” performed by Matt Damon.

Here is the video:



Funny Cat Pic – Bertoli Ad

Do you think I could get Bertoli to pay me for this?

Give me some of that Bertolit

Meagan playing with the TV while watching a Bertoli ad.  Hillarious cat pic!  It just makes you want to Stumble it doesn’t it?  Oh my, she’s adorable.  Thanks for coming by!

Humor: Adventures in Cat Land

Our new cat MieshkaI don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but we have a few cats… and now you can add one more to the mix.  Yesterday, my wife (Truthoughts) and I had just come home from some afternoon errands (woo-hoo) when we discovered the cutest little cat, almost a kitten, peeking out from behind the shrubs in our front yard. 

Well, it doesn’t take much to melt our hearts, but honestly, isn’t she a beautiful kitty?  She immediately came over and started the traditional figure-eight between our legs.  How someone could not love cats just baffles me, but needless to say, we both fell in love with her immediately… but wait?!? Hold on a minute… who’s cat is this?She was so hungry

Time for a reality check.  You can’t just take a cat in just because it wandered up to your door, right?  So, I suggested to my wife that she get some food and water to see if the kitty-cat was interested.  Well, no sooner then she brought out the little food bowl, little miss, what’s-your-name-kitty just dove right in and started chowing down the food like Tom Hanks upon catching his first fish in Cast Away.

Cats thatShe kept eating till it was gone. are well taken care of just aren’t that hungry.  They may take a nibble but they certainly don’t act like their in some intramural, university food eating contest.  This poor cat was starving.  But, still, I cautioned that maybe she was just stopping by, that we should give it some time and see if she might just mosey along back to her own home.

Four hours later, we went to the front door and opened it to see our new friend sprawled out on the porch as if she owned the place.  This is typical cat behavior as cats know,  better than humans, that they run the household.  Its because they know they can get their humans to do just about anything for them with the right look that says, “Don’t you just want to cuddle me?”  If that doesn’t work, they usually try the “I’m-going-to-flop-myself-right-down-on-top-of-whatever-you-are-working-on-because-I-want-attention-now.” approach.How cute is she?

So there she is, attached to our house as if its her refuge, her place to call home, and it only took hanging around for four hours to accomplish the task. Well, ok, IF we are going to keep her, we are going to have to give her a bath and get some flea powder because that’s one circus we don’t want coming to town.

Oh my, if you could have seen the look of terror in her eyes the moment she got the slightest drop of water on her.  I wasn’t sure if she was going to climb right up my arm and leave the type of tracks that only a cat could be proud of or grab a hold of my pant with a death grip that even the jaws of life couldn’t free.

She finally settled on hugging the faucet for dear life as I soaked her fur, causing it to cling to her petite little body like Seran wrap around Sunday’s potluck leftovers.  When we got her dried off somewhat, suddenly everything was back to normal and she started purring and wanting more attention.  I was quite relieved as I was worried that this being her introduction into our house, she was going to have some serious sStill eating!econd thoughts about wanting to call this home.

Currently she’s upstairs in the guest bath so that other cats can warm up to her and get to know her underneath the door before we allow her to roam amongst them.  So, with the addition of one more cat, that brings the total to, well, one more than we had.  🙂

If you enjoyed this story, you might like to read my other humorous story about how I was able to train our cats, which is certainly a feat in itself:

You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Cat, Or Can You?

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The Insidious Submissive Fluffy Belly Enticement Snare- or- Pavlov’s Human

Have a wonderful day!  You’re more than welcome to stumble upon the rest of my blog. You shall certainly enjoy your time here… I guarantee it, or your money back!





You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Cat… or Can You?

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s like herding cats”?  Why do you think that expression exists?  Could it be that cats, unlike their canine counterparts, typically could care less if you want them to do anything.   Usually you do well enough to get a cat to come when it’s time to feed them.  And, just the opposite, most dogs can’t wait to greet you at the door, with tail wagging so expressively that their whole body shakes with enthusiasm, including the occassional tinkle.

Well, I’m not sure if our cats have decided to “disown” their feline natures, or if it’s because we treat them as if they are human, but our cats seem to behave more like dogs than than their species would usually ever admit to.

Their typical aloofness has been replaced by them either greeting us at the door, or racing down the stairs upon our arrival, from their comfortable afternoon nap and begging for our attention.  What?  Cats never beg, it is completely beneath them.   (Maybe this could be explained better by Jeane Nevarez, owner of two cats, who has done a great review of the book, The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats, by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson.)

 So, there they are, all mingling around the front door, brushing against us and wrapping their tails around our legs until we bend down and pet each and every one of them.   Ahh… to be loved like a dog owner!  The feeling is mutual and we return our love by showering them with praise and more pets than they could possibly want.  My wife excels in this area much more than me, but none-the-less, between the two of us, each cat is showered in love, giving them a sense of contentment no dog could ever realize.

What is also very interesting, to get to the meat of the title, is that I have managed to train our cats.  Yes, it’s true.  Let me explain.  Each night when it is time for my wife and I to retire, from blogging in the living room, and head to our bedroom upstairs, their is a mass exodus from our present quarters as most of them come running up the stairs, vieing for position to come racing into the bedroom with us as we settle down for the night.  More than once, she or I  have almost fallen up, or sometimes down, the stairs due to our cats perfect placement of themselves right where our next step is due to come down. 

 Once in the bedroom, I have actually now trained them that the bedroom is for sleep.  If they can’t settle down, then they must leave the bedroom and return only once they have settled down.  Of course, at first, since they have just burst up the stairs, their mere momentum of entusiastic bounding makes it difficult for them to settle down.   So, I tell them to get on the bed, to which they heed.  But soon, curiousity will get the best of one of them and they jump down from the bed to satisfy their urge, trying to figure out if that is a real mouse in the corner or just  a shadow of the curtains dancing in the breeze of the fan.

I give them one chance to get back on the bed, or be put out.  They know this because as soon as I get up to put them out, they race back toward the bed and resume their position.  Occasionally, one will jump down for a second time and sure enough, as soon as I get up, back to the bed they race, usually to bed down for good. 

However, lately, they have started making the choice.  They know the rule, no playing once in the bedroom, but sometimes, they are just still way too excited, so they consciously make the choice when I get up, to run towards the door, to be let out, rather than being put out.  They do their running around, outside the bedroom and when they are ready, they come back and let us know and in they come where they head direclty to the bed and settle down with the others.

Who knew, you could train a cat?  Have you ever experienced anything like this?  To find out more about me and my family, click on the About Me page at the top.