Google Credited with Predicting and Averting Horrific Traffic Accident

Sunday, March 8, 2009
Staff Writer, Bradley Bowden

McKinney, TX – A very serious accident was prevented today on 75 Northbound in McKinney, Texas.  Authorities are crediting Google with yet another display of their incredible talent.  According to Google officials, their program Wisdom Attained Through Compiling History (W.A.T.C.H.) was able to send out multiple signals to several cars in the area, overriding the manual controls, and automatically re-routing the traffic into a non-accident producing pattern.

“We estimate that there were 7 lives saved today as a result of the W.A.T.C.H. program” stated the Google official.  “All total that’s 2,457 lives that have been saved since our program went online six months ago.” …


Have you ever just been minding your own business when all of the sudden a picture/event pops into your head and you wonder… where the heck did that come from?  Especially if it’s of some future type event, that you know hasn’t happened yet, and because of the bizarreness of the vision, it’s almost unbelievable.minority-report

Wait… are you saying that you have? or that you haven’t?  Well, either way, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this nearly science fiction type vision that popped into my head the other day.  When I saw it, it was very real. Let’s just say, it was sort of a mix between Minority Report and the Matrix.  It’s what prompted me to write the “future” headline and article above.

I was actually driving at the time when suddenly I was picturing a multi-car accident playing out in my mind… not such a big deal, I’ve had those before, but here is where the bizarre part comes in.  This accident, which was obviously some time in the future was being prevented and even reversed by something.

You see in my futuristic vision Google had become so powerful, so virtually connected to every aspect of our lives, that their computers were able to prevent this accident.  They were collecting data on everything from traffic conditions, types of cars on the road, who was on the road, who had insurance, how many accidents had taken place at that location in the past, how many accidents the drivers in the area had been in, their moods (via Twitter & Facebook and something called Plooter – I have no idea, but I’ve got dibs on the name), how much gas was in each car, who was falling asleep at the wheel (due to networked retina scans inside the vehicle), etc., etc. I thinmatrix-scene-bulletsk you get the point.

Now, Google was able to extract all of this information, drop it into a aggregator and instantly compare it to all historical data to determine that an accident was about to happen.  In my vision, which only lasted a half-second, the accident started in slow motion, but half way through, it reversed (very Matrix style as if I could have watched the event from any angle I wanted to – This would have been possible since, in the future, there will literally be cameras recording events from every angle imaginable, including the view from our own eyes.)

So, there I was, driving into a non-existent accident scene because the Google bots had caused one or more of the cars to slow down just enough to avoid the catalyst that started what could have been a horrific accident scene with tremendous loss of life.  Horray for Google they saved the day… or did they? This kind of gives new meaning to Google Earth.


Cell Phone Secrets Revealed…er, um Buried!

Now you really can take your secrets to the grave!

iPhone.jpg image by iPhone Lovers

According the this article, Bury Me With My Cell Phone it is a growing trend to be buried with your cell phone (also known to many as an iPhone) or other electronic gadget.

“It seems that everyone under 40 who dies takes their cell phone with them,” says Noelle Potvin, family service counselor for Hollywood Forever, a funeral home and cemetery in Hollywood, Calif. “It’s a trend with BlackBerrys, too. We even had one guy who was buried with his Game Boy.”

Well, I guess that’s one way of making sure that the data on your Blackberry or iPhone goes to the grave with you.  That’s the first thing I thought of when I read this article.  Especially for people who have sensitive data on their phones.

So, instead of the McCain-Palin campaign mishap of selling a Blackberry for $20 that had peronal information and emails still inside, that Blackberry could have gone to the grave with that person (or simply been erased, but where’s the fun in that?)

According to the “Bury Me With My Cell Phone” article, appearently some people’s family members are so used to the electronic gadget being with the deceased person, that it just doesn’t seem right for them to be without it.

“I’ve even heard of cases where people are being buried with their iPod. Or one guy who was prepared for his viewing with his Bluetooth (headset) in his ear.”

It’s kind of ironic given that fact that someone so attached to their cell phone, that they have to be buried with it, may be in the grave as a result of their cell phone use, as this article seems to suggest: Cell Phone=Brain Cancer?

Maybe some people just  want to make sure that they are connected in the afterlife in the land of unlimited Twitter followers and StumbleUpon friend connections.

What about you?  How connected are you to your electronic equipment?  According to a recent aritlce, a study, conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Intel, found that 46 percent of women and 30 percent of men would prefer to do without sex for 2 weeks than to not be connected to the internet for two weeks.

So, what do you think about this new trend?  Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section!

Funny Pic: Don’t Taze My Bro!

Don’t Taze Me Bro!

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Don't Taze Me Bro

Don't Taze Me Bro!

This just cracked me up this morning. I was driving down 75 Southbound (just north of Dallas, Texas) when I snapped this pic with my cell phone.  If you haven’t seen the video that this references, you can watch it here:  Don’t Taze Me Bro!

Funny Cat Pic – Bertoli Ad

Do you think I could get Bertoli to pay me for this?

Give me some of that Bertolit

Meagan playing with the TV while watching a Bertoli ad.  Hillarious cat pic!  It just makes you want to Stumble it doesn’t it?  Oh my, she’s adorable.  Thanks for coming by!

Humor: Adventures in Cat Land

Our new cat MieshkaI don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but we have a few cats… and now you can add one more to the mix.  Yesterday, my wife (Truthoughts) and I had just come home from some afternoon errands (woo-hoo) when we discovered the cutest little cat, almost a kitten, peeking out from behind the shrubs in our front yard. 

Well, it doesn’t take much to melt our hearts, but honestly, isn’t she a beautiful kitty?  She immediately came over and started the traditional figure-eight between our legs.  How someone could not love cats just baffles me, but needless to say, we both fell in love with her immediately… but wait?!? Hold on a minute… who’s cat is this?She was so hungry

Time for a reality check.  You can’t just take a cat in just because it wandered up to your door, right?  So, I suggested to my wife that she get some food and water to see if the kitty-cat was interested.  Well, no sooner then she brought out the little food bowl, little miss, what’s-your-name-kitty just dove right in and started chowing down the food like Tom Hanks upon catching his first fish in Cast Away.

Cats thatShe kept eating till it was gone. are well taken care of just aren’t that hungry.  They may take a nibble but they certainly don’t act like their in some intramural, university food eating contest.  This poor cat was starving.  But, still, I cautioned that maybe she was just stopping by, that we should give it some time and see if she might just mosey along back to her own home.

Four hours later, we went to the front door and opened it to see our new friend sprawled out on the porch as if she owned the place.  This is typical cat behavior as cats know,  better than humans, that they run the household.  Its because they know they can get their humans to do just about anything for them with the right look that says, “Don’t you just want to cuddle me?”  If that doesn’t work, they usually try the “I’m-going-to-flop-myself-right-down-on-top-of-whatever-you-are-working-on-because-I-want-attention-now.” approach.How cute is she?

So there she is, attached to our house as if its her refuge, her place to call home, and it only took hanging around for four hours to accomplish the task. Well, ok, IF we are going to keep her, we are going to have to give her a bath and get some flea powder because that’s one circus we don’t want coming to town.

Oh my, if you could have seen the look of terror in her eyes the moment she got the slightest drop of water on her.  I wasn’t sure if she was going to climb right up my arm and leave the type of tracks that only a cat could be proud of or grab a hold of my pant with a death grip that even the jaws of life couldn’t free.

She finally settled on hugging the faucet for dear life as I soaked her fur, causing it to cling to her petite little body like Seran wrap around Sunday’s potluck leftovers.  When we got her dried off somewhat, suddenly everything was back to normal and she started purring and wanting more attention.  I was quite relieved as I was worried that this being her introduction into our house, she was going to have some serious sStill eating!econd thoughts about wanting to call this home.

Currently she’s upstairs in the guest bath so that other cats can warm up to her and get to know her underneath the door before we allow her to roam amongst them.  So, with the addition of one more cat, that brings the total to, well, one more than we had.  🙂

If you enjoyed this story, you might like to read my other humorous story about how I was able to train our cats, which is certainly a feat in itself:

You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Cat, Or Can You?

Here’s another little treat for your enjoyment from my friend known as “ThriftShopRomantic”:

The Insidious Submissive Fluffy Belly Enticement Snare- or- Pavlov’s Human

Have a wonderful day!  You’re more than welcome to stumble upon the rest of my blog. You shall certainly enjoy your time here… I guarantee it, or your money back!





When Real Life (RL) Becomes the Distraction!

Sun setting behind our neighbors pergulaAhhhhhhhhh…. somebody stop me!!!!

As the sun starts to set behind me, the magnificent colors representing a beautiful “wish you were here” postcard, start to dance across the early summer sky.  The problem is… I’m too busy trying to figure out this whole blogging thing to even notice. 

Do you ever feel this way?  Speaking to my fellow bloggers, authors or anyone else so wrapped up in what they are working on that trips to the grocery store to fill the empty cabinets become a nuisance, a mere distraction.  The whole time I’m out milling around trying to find the right kind of dressing, the perfect head of lettuce and the best looking frozen dinner entree, I can’t seem to think about anything else but, how much time I’m losing online. 

Between choosing the right blog theme, arranging the layout of widgets, searching for the best widget, listing my blog with blog directories, registering with the best social networks, connecting with new friends, responding to comments, etc., etc. ad nauseum, not to mention joining in multiple discussions at the best place on the net for bloggers BlogCatalog, it feels like I’m never “caught up” enough to just relax. 

Oh yeah, and then there’s content.   In order to entertain, move, inspire my readers (you, and by the way, thanks for stopping by) I must continually come up with quality, original content or risk being tagged a <something significant goes here, but I haven’t had time to research this one yet>.

So, when will the merry-go-round ever stop?  It’s only been 4 weeks, since I started blogging, and I can already see my priorities have completely shifted.  The once, normally pristine backyard, has become somewhat of an overgrown jungle.   Ah, yes, I shall go and mow as soon as I’m done with this post (seems like I said that two days ago. hmm… but today will be the day!)

I sometimes wonder where the time goes.  I log on to check my email box, and suddenly there’s this time warp…

(Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!)
and 2 hours have passed by and I still haven’t cleaned out my inbox.   Oh, but don’t get me wrong, I love comments.  I spend the majority of my time responding to comments.  It’s what drives me, keeps me going and makes it all worth it.  I consider it an honor that you are reading my blog and I am flattered if you want to take the time to say something to me in my comments.  And, yes, look around, I publish my negative comments too.

Well, I’m off to tackle the cat’s litter boxes.  Oh, wait, I haven’t checked my Feedburner stats yet. I’ll clean their litter boxes right after I check my stats. I might as well, its way too dark to mow the lawn now anyway.